Oh the things I do with these extra 10+ hours… I get lots of extra sleep. Just kidding! I have a toddler.

“Reinvent your business constantly. The end goal may be the same, but the tools and methods are constantly evolving.” – Ken Tucker

If you’re unhappy with your current business support tools or productivity platforms, or if you’re looking to save 10 hours a week and sleep more like me, then sit back and read on…


Choosing the right business tools

Choosing the right business tools to support your business is directly linked to your success.


While the market is heavily saturated with many different SAAS businesses to run your business, there are a few gems out there that can make automation your employee of the month 24/7/365. 


When searching the depths of the internet for the best productivity tools to help support your business, you’ll want to focus on the business’  USP (unique selling point). What sets them apart from the 10,000+ competitors out there? 


Call me gopher, cause I’ve done some digging. I’ll share with you the 6 best platforms for your business to save on average 10 hours a week.


The top 6 business tools to run your day and lighten your workload


1.Jasper – this tool is AWESOME. In short, Jasper AI is a copywriting tool. Jasper can automate your writing processes and through the use of technology, it can produce original, persuasive, fun copy for your blog posts, landing pages, social media, ads, marketing emails, and pretty much anything else you can imagine.

Bonus: you’ll become a content-writing machine overnight with this in your back pocket. 


2. Descript – an all-in-one voice to document editor! You can easily upload any type of media or record directly within the platform and Descript  will instantly transcribe your file into text, then you can work the text with your desired changes and voila! Overall in my experience since having started to use Descript in the last 6+ months, the transcriptions are fast and accurate.

Bonus: it has a built-in automatic speaker detection. You can set who a speaker is and let Descript do the rest!

3. Canva – this is the graphic design tool of 2022. Canva has made content creation for your business oh so, so, very easy. Take an idea from your mind and put it on paper for your business in minutes. From social media content, presentations, to videos and so many more, you’ll feel like a professional graphic designer with the use of these effects, photos, overlays, etc… all at your disposal. 

Bonus: they’re constantly adding new imagery and templates to their library. Always keeping your content fresh and relevant.


4. StaffNet – this is your automation station! Set your business to automate the tedious tasks like employee scheduling, client confirmations, client follow-ups, project management, team messaging and more. This is also the hub to connect with your employees to reduce those avoidable communication hiccups & mixups.

Bonus: there’re a freemium account for the small start-up with 1-4 users and FULL access to all the incredible features offered. Nothing is held back!


5. Repurpose – you need this if you’re on youtube, instagram, facebook, tik tok… the list goes on. When creating a piece of content the best way to gain further exposure is to reuse the content across all platforms. Repurpose is your go-to middle man for this job! Easily set workflows to automatically repurpose any new content posted on any of your social media platforms. Work smart, not too hard my friends!

Bonus: they have sooo many resources when your access their trial. Great support and even better product.


6. Systeme.io  – if you’re a small business and just getting started, Systeme.io is the place to hang out. Their all-in-one online marketing platform that makes it easy to launch, grow, and scale your online business from day one. With their easy to use platform, sales funnels and tutorials, you’ll feel like a veteran marketing expert within no time at all!

Bonus: if you’re just starting out in your business and aren;t sure what to do with marketing, they make you feel like you can do it all! Seriously. 

Final thoughts on choosing the best SAAS product for you

You’ll want to choose platforms that have proven case studies that have helped the same type of business within your industry. Do the research and take them for a serious test drive in their trials. I have no doubt the above will steer you wrong!


I’m just sayin’….

These are just a few of my favourite things! All these ingenious platforms have enabled me to grow my small bootstrapped, side hustle, start-up tech business into my full time job. You’re just a few steps away from it yourself.


Today, people CRAVE real direction and proven strategies to eliminate uncertainty and confidently pivot or scale in an industry that is exponentially growing: an industry where their best assets are the tools they, and now you (yes, even the “little guy”!) leverage.


Do you already use some of these tools? If so, which one is your favourite?



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