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Through StaffNet’s portal, you can create schedules in minutes, receive updates from jobs from your remote teams in realtime, collaborate with your team by tracking ongoing projects & deadlines, produce reports and so much more.

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  • Productivity


Save up to 80% of the time you used to spend scheduling by creating schedules in minutes.

  • Share instantly with your team
  • Manage from anywhere in the world
  • Avoid conflicts and communication hiccups
  • Streamline payroll with the ability to review, edit and approve employee timesheets
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  • Efficiency

Job Reporting

Mobile job reporting to keep things moving smoothly in a fast-paced work environment.

  • View job status’ in real time
  • Have eyes on any jobsite at all times
  • Mobile field reporting and job checklists
  • Keep records of all your jobs from old to new 
  • View media uploaded to cloud from anywhere, anytime
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  • Execute

Task Management

Automate your busy to-do lists.

  • Assign tasks to specific employees
  • Collaborate with your team in one place
  • Keep up-to-date on all projects with your team
  • Boost communication and streamline business processes
  • Get a big-picture look at your work by arranging your tasks in columns.
  • Customize sections and columns. Create your own! Plus, you can sort tasks by due date, project, and more.
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  • Teams

HR Tracking

Ditch the paper, files and filing cabinet, and keep your employees files safely stored online in our secure cloud-based system.

  • Stay up-to-date  by uploading all the records and documents in one place for your employees
  • Monitor who can have access to these sensitive documents
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  • Organization Tools


Work smart, not hard. This intuitive feature allows you to keep track of all the different inventories you have in various locations.

  • View your inventory in real time as changes are made
  • Provide accurate manifests to clients when shipping & receiving
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  • Communication

Team Messaging

Let us push your… notifications

  • Keep employees informed and notified
  • Send out notifications directly to your team members within the app
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  • Streamline


The unsung hero of features – leave no client behind or any leads unturned!

  • Assign leads to team members
  • Streamline operations by automating follow-up reminders
  • Keep your client’s information safely stored in one place
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Since I started to use StaffNet to dispatch my team I have saved over 2 hours everyday not chasing my team of 20 + employees for timecards. Thanks to the automation features, StaffNet has simplified my workload and streamlined our day-to-day operations.

Umaru Yusuf

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